Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage offers complete peace of mind through comprehensive product support contracts for instrumentation. These include on- or off-site calibrations, periodic maintenance checks, commissioning, fault diagnostics, technical support, partnerships, bonded stock and leased instruments for rotational calibration.

On- or off-site calibration

Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage can offer on-line calibrations for most process measurements, including: ressure measurement systems

Level measurement systems 

flow measurement systems
temperature measurement systems
analytical measurement systems

Offline calibrations are available in Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage’s many environmentally controlled calibration laboratories. All calibrations are performed to international standards and have full traceability.

Periodic maintenance Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage can offer extensive periodic maintenance, including:

I/O: checking and testing
Zirconia oxygen analysers: cleaning and calibration
pH systems: cleaning and calibration
conductivity systems: calibration
recorders: cleaning, lubrication and calibration
flowmeters: electronic testing
pressure transmitters: calibration
temperature sensors: verification

Periodic maintenance can be customised to users’ individual requirements.

Commissioning and fault diagnostics

Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage employs a highly trained and skilled team capable of meeting all requirements for commissioning and fault diagnostics in all manufacturers’ instrumentation, distributed control systems and Fieldbus installations. Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage ’s vast experience in various industries offers the facility for performing expert fault diagnosis and producing reports and recommendations to the customer.

Technical support

Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage can offer technical support for all contract clients for product maintenance and engineering requirements.
                          Telephone support can be provided during normal working hours, or 24-hour cover can be provided if a contract is in place.


Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage has a twofold responsibility to the customer:
to make the customer aware of services available that will enable production to be maintained throughout the year.
to provide a high standard of maintenance service that meets all the needs of the customer whenever and wherever required.
                       The purchase, operation and maintenance of all instruments involve a pro-active partnership between the supplier and the end-user that remains in place for the lifetime of the instrumentation.

Bonded stock 

Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage can provide the facility of bonded spares. In conjunction with the customer, the critical items are identified. These spares can be held in stock at the supplier or at site specifically for use on a specific installation. Critical spare parts may be the property of the end user or, on payment of a holding fee to the supplier, may be purchased for storage in a bonded stock area.
                         Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage bonded stock is kept in a dedicated secure air-conditioned room, with each costumer having a segregated area.

Lease instruments 
Najmt Al Khaleej Weight & Guage can offer lease instruments to provide a turn-round capability for instruments removed for calibration. These instruments can be used as rotational calibration instruments or as standby spares if required.

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